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The McAndrew Family

Jeanette DeSantis

Jeanine Matthews

Marjorie Kieburg

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Available Dogs

Cocoa the Lab is ready to be adopted.


Blitz is just 18 months old. His owner is working to many hours and can not care for him? Blitz is an active dog who would definitely benefit from a large backyard and an active family.

Cocoa the Lab is ready to be adopted.


Tater is a super cute 2 year old male Chihuahua. He has an adorable face, long legs, and a super good personality. He is a little shy at first but warms up quickly. This sweet little boy will be on your lap in no time.

Cocoa the Lab is ready to be adopted.


Black, senior dogs are considered plain old tough to adopt. So today in the spirit of the holidays, we went to our local shelter in Islip, New York and came out with just that! Cocoa was confiscated from a home in a tough neighborhood. She is over eight years old and holds no grudges. Cocoa has only one wish this year… To be in a home to call her own!
Please consider this wonderful dog, once she’s adopted we will keep the chain going. After all, another old dog named Ozzy is waiting there for us! Let’s make it happen!



Misty would like to be our new office manager but she really just needs a home to call her own. She will love you forever! She thrives on human love and attention. She’s 4 years old and would like to be your one and only BFF. Will you give this once discarded girl a chance to prove her love and devotion? Please call 631-473-6333 or stop in. She will greet you at the front desk.


Meet Ricky, there is no sweeter boy then him. He is a handsome 7 year old black Chihuahua mix looking for his forever home. Don’t let his grey muzzle scare you, we think it makes him look very distinguished. He is very gentle and would make a wonderful, loyal companion. Please inquire about meeting Ricky today!  He would love to be your constant companion.


Dodger is a 4 years old German Shorthaired Pointer. He is great with other dogs. but because of Dodger’s breed, we would recommend a home without cats. Dodger has been around kids, but is very active and can use some basic training. We would recommend a home with older kids.

Dodger is sponsored by
The McAndrew Family

Linus, before
Linus, today


Linus, from starvation to total love and happiness! Linus was found on a street corner, near death from starvation, right before Christmas. Because of our partner rescue, Save-A-Pet, and their determination to get him back to health, together with Linus’s will to live, he is on the road to recovery. His days of suffering are behind him and this happy, friendly dog is loving all the care and attention he is getting. Because of Save-A-Pet, there are nothing but good days ahead for this little survivo
Together We Save Them, locally and globally.


Adopt Baldur


MID EAST RESCUE: Baldur was hit by a truck and left for dead, Guardians of Recue was contacted and brought him stateside. Baldur made it to America! Had his bladder expressed after a 15 hour flight!!! Now he is resting comfortably at Save-A-Pet.  Although he is paralyzed in his back end, he has so much life and love in him.  Please share and help us get him a forever home!


Jasmine is a 5 year old Chihuahua mix. She bonds heavily with one person. Once she knows you she will not leave your side and will want to be in your lap.Jasmine will do well as an only pet. This little squishy face loves deeply.


Nina is a 4 year old Shepherd mix. She has spent her whole life shuffled from one kennel to another. Nina is now at our shelter looking for a forever home. Please consider giving her what she has never had…..unconditional love.
Nina will need a home with a family that will be willing to teach her how to be a dog. She has had a rough start in life. We have a volunteer who works with her daily, taking her for walks and working on some basic obedience commands. Nina has come a long way since arriving in our shelter.

Nina is sponsored by
Jeanette DeSantis


Tatonka is a gorgeous boy who loves all people. He is dog selective but minds his own business and enjoys interaction with people. He has spent most of his life in a shelter-type setting and truly deserves a forever home!


Cooper: is an 8 – 10 yr old Lab mix. A gentle, quiet dog, Coop would be a great companion to anyone who wants a dog for a best friend. Coop enjoys long, slow walks and just being with people. He is happy sitting on a porch or laying in the grass, watching birds at the feeder. He has never had a good home, so it would be wonderful if he could live his years out in one full of love. Coop  would prefer to have all of your attention, so no other pets.


Gus is an older floppy eared boxer mix. You will always know which way the wind blows when Gus is by your side! Gus has become a gentle companion through continued love, care and gaining the trust of people. He is ready to rock and roll into a new home!

Lady Liberty

Unable to Adopt?

For only $30 per month, you can sponsor a shelter dog or cat until a forever home is found.
Your name will appear in the in our Sponsor Banner.

You can also give a gift sponsorship and have the recipient’s name listed as the animal’s sponsor.


Available Cats


Beauty lived with a hoarder in a home with 100 cats.! She has never know what it is like to have one on one love. She would love to be with a family that would give her what we all want….unconditional love.


Shakira was adopted out as a kitten. Sadly her Mom could no longer care for her. Shakira’s Mom was crying as she left her best friend and companion with us. Shakira did nothing wrong and now standing waiting for her Mom to come back for her. Yes. animals have feelings and Shakira is heartbroken..Please help heal her heart, come in and adopt her!

Adopt Brody the cat


Brody is a handsome young boy who is is ready for the next chapter in his life. Brody is neutered, up to date with all vaccines, fiv/felv negative and microchipped. Please consider taking him home and giving him a forever home.

Adopt Suzie the cat


Suzie is one of the most loving, lovable, affectionate, and playful cats you can find. She would love a quiet and calm home with few other pets so she can revel in one on one interactions with her humans!! Suzie has lived with other cats. Unfortunately she was in a hoarding home, don’t worry she is still incredibly loving towards all. She is a sweet, mellow girl who is just looking for her forever home!

Adopt Boo the cat


Boo was found in a feral colony. He was absolutely petrified. We have worked with Boo and he has come a long way. We feel that Boo would do best in a quiet home where he will be able to get a lot of one on one time.

Adopt Molly the cat


Molly is playful and loves attention.she a bit of a talker and has a cute meow that sounds like “hello” when she is really trying to get your attention! She responds to her name, as well as any other words or noises associated with food! If you are looking for a fun, active cat with lots of character then Molly is the perfect furry companion for you!


April is a sweet 11 year old cat that has lost her home. She is low key and would make a great addition to an adult household.  April is confused as she misses her Mom.. This sweet senior needs a home now!


Eli is a sweet boy who loves to play! He is a beautiful shimmering gray with a thick and soft coat. He is sure to provide a lucky family with lots of cuddles! Eli is sweet, curious and adventurous.


Chloe is so sad. She was an owner surrender and does not understand why she is with us. Help me Chloe happy, come in to meet her and let her know she is still loved.


Cinnamon gave birth to a litter of kittens 2 months ago in a foster home. Her kittens have been weaned. Cinnamon is now looking for a family to love. This little princess needs you.


Roland is 8 months old and a bit on the shy side and would do well in a quiet patient home.He will come around in time once he is in a stable home.


Poor Holly, her Mom got sick and could no longer take care of her :-(. Holly is just 2 years old and needs a family to love.


April doesn’t mind hanging out with the other cats. She is a mellow 5 month old girl who is unfazed by any drama happening around her. Are you in need of a new best friend?



Poor Sam. He was loved by 41/2 years and now has lost everything…..his family and his home. Please come in to meet Sam, play with him and cheer him up. Sam is available for adoption at Save-A-Pet 608 Rte 112 Port Jefferson Station. We are open 7 days a week Monday-Saturday 11-5 and Sunday 12-4. For further information please call 631 473-6333.


This handsome guy is Prince. He has not had an easy life so far. Prince was. Found in a parking lot cold, hungry and scared. A Good Samaratin took him in and he was loved for the last few months. Unfortunately his Mom can no longer care for him so Prince is homeless again. She pleaded with Save-A-Pet to take him in. Prince is about 10 years young. Please stop at the visit him he is at Save A Pet 608 Route 112 Port Jefferson Station for further information, please call 631-473-6333 we are open seven days a week Monday to Saturday 11 to 5 and Sunday 12 to 4.


Boots was thrown away like yesterday’s garbage when his owner moved. Outside alone, scared, hungry and nearly frozen when a kind neighbor took him inside. She knew he would never survive on his own. That is where we stepped in. Boots is about 4 years old, he is now up to date with vaccines and Felv/Fiv negative. He will be checked and treated if necessary for parasites. Boots will also be microchipped this week. 

Through his entire ordeal this lil guy has been nothing but sweet. Please stop in to meet Boots at Save A Pet we are open seven days a week Monday to Saturday 11 to 5 Sunday 12 to 4. Save-A-Pet is located at 608 Route 112 Port Jefferson Station. For further information please call 631-473-6333.


Joker & Snoopy

Once again a sad story. These two beauties were adopted as kittens and 6 years later returned when their family moved. Both are gorgeous and very sweet. Please consider giving them a home. Joker is pictured on the left, Snoopy on the right.

senior cat

Senior Cat Adoption Program

The Senior Adoption Program at Save-A-Pet provides the opportunity for senior citizens, aged 55 years and older, to adopt an adult cat at a 50% discount. We will also provide a starter kit including a litter pan, scoop, small bag of litter and a small bag of food. Just as we feel Senior citizens have so much to offer, so do the adult cats that are so often overlooked. Please stop by and visit the many cats searching for new homes and families to love. When you open your heart and home and adopt a senior cat, you will discover

what wonderful purrsonalities these older cats have. They don’t ask for much, only that they be safely housed indoors, fed good food and water, have clean litters pans and nice windows for viewing the outdoors. If you have never met or developed a relationship with a senior cat, you honestly don’t know what you are missing. These cats have much love to give and they are sincerely appreciative of being with someone who loves them. They have well-seasoned characters and will bring a smile to your face.

For cats over 8 years old, we will waive the adoption fee.

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