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Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue

posted 1 hour ago

STOP. BREEDING. DOGS!!!! Yest...Read more

STOP. BREEDING. DOGS!!!! Yesterday we received a call from someone who was trying to help a woman place the puppies that she "couldn't sell". As most people know, the care and attention needed to raise dogs is quite intensive and requires tons of attention. These puppies clearly did not receive that. One of our dedicated volunteers met with the woman and picked up four Shih Tzu puppies. While he began carrying them to his car, he noticed their stomachs were extremely uncomfortable and they were COVERED in fleas. The owner will be bringing the parents to these puppies to the Save-A-Pet Low Cost Clinic to be spayed and neutered to ensure this doesn't happen again. They seemed to be in much better health than the puppies. Our team worked all evening trying to remove the fleas from these adorable puppies and treated them for their internal parasites and began vaccinations. These puppies will be seeing a vet ASAP to continue their care needed prior to adoption. We know they're adorable, but they are not yet ready for their forever homes. We will notify via our Facebook page when they will be available.To donate to their care, please visit www.saveapetny.org...

Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue

posted 2 hours ago

Louisiana aftermath. The devas...Read more

Louisiana aftermath. The devastation is heartbreaking. Our founder and president Dori Scofield joined rescue efforts to help save as many lives as possible. Her dedication is the foundation of Save-A-Pet. While she is out of town we are busy getting ready to raise funds for homeless animals right here on Long Island. Join her and all of us for Mutts & Merlot Thursday, September 1 at Baiting Hollow Vineyard and Horse Farm. We need your support! Their lives depend on all of us! Go to: saveapetny.org...

Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue

posted 22 hours ago

Do you have your tickets for M...Read more

Do you have your tickets for Mutts & Merlot yet?! Hurry and buy yours today! The animals of Save-A-Pet need you. Thursday, September 1st from 7-10 pm at the Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard and Horse Rescue www.SaveAPetNY.org for tickets and more information!...

Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue

posted 1 day ago

These dogs are the epitome of ...Read more

These dogs are the epitome of rescue! We hope you will come meet them!...


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