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Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue

posted 2 hours ago

Poor Dusty abandoned by his fa...Read more

Poor Dusty abandoned by his family. This sweetie continues to look for his family as people walk by him. How can you mend his broken heart? Easily, come in to meet him and adopt him!!...

Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue

posted 10 hours ago

Molly was originally rescued f...Read more

Molly was originally rescued from another rescue who was neglecting their animals. She was extremely emancipated and needed extra TLC to put on weight and regain her health. Molly is great with other dogs that are not active or scare her she is unable to differentiate the excitement or aggression of other dogs and gets scared. Quiet dogs with respect for others would probably be fine. Molly is wonderful in the house in her crate she's perfectly housebroken and respectful of the house. Because of Molly's difficult start in life she would be better in a house with older kids as she is a bit fearful....

Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue

posted 3 hours ago

A big thank you to Carolyn and...Read more

A big thank you to Carolyn and Marty Cohen for donating 2 huge dog houses for dogs in need!...

Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue

posted 17 hours ago

Nester and Nelson were adopted...Read more

Nester and Nelson were adopted today!!...

Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue

posted 3 hours ago

Looking for a puppy? You won'...Read more

Looking for a puppy? You won't find any cuter than these! We are located at Save-A-Pet 608 Rte 112 Port Jefferson Station for further information please call 631 473-6333!...


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