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Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue

posted 7 minutes ago

Isabella is a 2 year old Lab m...Read more

Isabella is a 2 year old Lab mix. She is good with kids and other dogs too! Isabella will sit on command and loves to play. Her family was moving and had two other dogs that were elderly and could only take two out of the three to their new home so Isabella was surrendered to us. She's available for adoption at Save A Pet 608 Route 112 in Port Jefferson Station for further information please call 631-473-6333....

Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue

posted 6 hours ago

Patch, all white with grey pat...Read more

Patch, all white with grey patch on head,Jet, all black soft as silk fur, Onix, all black round eyes longer fur, Scooter, tiger stripes! All will be available for adoption soon at Save-A-Pet. For further information please call 631 473-6333....

Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue

posted 6 hours ago

Tiff (white spot on chest) and...Read more

Tiff (white spot on chest) and Travis are BEAUTIFUL 2 month old sibling kittens who are so playful and affectionate! They have quite the personalities and are looking for someone to give them plenty of attention! Please call Save-A-Pet for further info on these two cuties!...

Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue

posted 1 day ago

Hi my name is Gizmo. It's tou...Read more

Hi my name is Gizmo. It's tough being an orphan... Everyone at Save-A-Pet is amazing, but I'm ready for a family of my own! I just want to goof around and cuddle in my warm and cozy forever home. Give me a call, why don't ya? Please call us for further info 631-473-6333 or come in to meet him at Save-A-Pet 608 Rte 112 Port Jefferson Station. AGE: 6-8 years old BREED: Chihuahua DOGS: Has not been around other dogs CATS: If there is a feline in your home,, we could cat test. KIDS: is a small breed and would do best in a home with older children. Next step: Go to to fill out an application. For information please call (631) 473-6333. We are open 7 days a week, Monday to Saturday 11-5 and Sunday 12-4. Save-A-Pet is located at 608 Route 112 Port Jefferson Station...

Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue

posted 23 hours ago

Hey, we are Lacy and Mr. Fluff...Read more

Hey, we are Lacy and Mr. Fluffy. We know what you're thinking, and yes we have some of the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen! What a kind thing for you to think. But anyways, enough about us and how fun and cute and playful we are, let's talk about you and how you're going to call Save-A-Pet to ask about us....


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